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Digital Stove

 Delivery & Installation

Our personnel will instruct your delivery team to deliver your purchased appliance(s) to the appropriate and accessible area at the address indicated on the sales receipt. Accessible means upon arrival there is a clear path free of obstructions both outdoors and inside the delivery location. Delivery personnel will place and level the appliance(s) as directed. Electrical cords will be connected to existing adjacent outlets. Clothes washer fill drain hoses will be hooked up and tested to ensure faucets and drains are working properly and the floor drain is in  close proximity. Electric clothes dryers will be attached to suitable venting. Gas appliances, dishwashers, microwaves, and refrigerators with water lines can generally be installed for an additional charge.

***Please note that the delivery persons do not perform electrical or plumbing services other than installing appliances.

Removal Services...

Include one appliance hauled away for each one delivered from the same area on the same level of your location. This means  the delivery team is not to move an existing appliance to a different level or location or remove an existing appliance from a different level or location as part of the delivery of Appliance Smart LLC purchases. 

Customer Responsibilities...

Prior to the delivery include being on location during the scheduled time and reviewing and acting upon the guidelines shown below. Please be aware the inattention to these responsibilities can result in the necessity of a rescheduled delivery with additional charges. This situation can easily be avoided by following the checklist:

* Clear the pathway outdoors (snow, debris, toys, garden implements, etc.)

* Clear the pathway inside (furniture, fragile belonging, boxes, etc.)

* Remove or alter obstructive rails, doors, shelves, etc.

* Place protective coverings on flooring and carpeting if necessary.

* Empty existing appliances of all food, cookware, clothing, and standing water.

Customer Self-Hauling Guidlines...

Include some special conditions that are addressed in this paragraph. The persons(s) hauling need to supply their own tie downs, rope, blankets, cardboard, and hand trucks. Appliance Smart is not responsible for any damage from hauling; therefore a mutual inspection of the appliance(s) will be documented on the sales receipt. The customer should verify that the appropriate electrical cords are attached and, if desired, the unit(s) can be tested prior to loading. Appliances loaded in other than an upright position can void some or all of Appliance Smarts warranty. This will be discussed before loading and noted on the sales receipt. Malfunctions or damage related to improper moving or installation will result in a service trip charge and possible parts and labor fees.

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